Tears of Idris

Carric's Log: Day 6-7

(Addendum. I have finally bothered to learn everyone names. Our fearless leader goes by the name of Marge Ironguard. Lin’kosh is the name of male kobold. Cookie is the kobold cook. Cherry streusel is the dwarf cook. Also there is a goblin inventor named Genise shortstaff that was apparently too short for me to notice until now. Sovailis is the name of the nature man. I know not the rest as they are not presently with us, and no one else seemed to know them either)



Day 6 Continued

            Damnable creatures! I, in my magnanimity and grace, extended a hand of friendship to these spider-folk and a chance to be honored by a god, yet they, in their infinite baseness, spat their foul webbing at my extended digits. Well, their kind shall burn for this. There shall be no survivors. I shall burn their forest to cinders if necessary. I shall wipe them out like a blot of ink on a page. I shall crush their warriors, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women…

Or do they even have women, and if they do is there an assumption on the fighting capacity amongst the sexes? I don’t know, what am I, an arachnologist? Well, assuming that they are both physically and socially sexually dimorphic, then as before. Otherwise I guess I will settle for the first two. Either way they shall all be destroyed, torn to pieces like a piece of paper in an avalanche of blood… [He goes on for some time about which metaphor for their destruction is best]



Day 7

            On a happier note, I made a new friend. Or rather an old one reacquainted once again from my past lives. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to remember me, despite being my bound companion for nearly a millennium now. Perhaps something has happened to his memories. I shall have to  examine latter when we have more leisure. Anyways, I decided that it would be best to send the imp off to scout out the spider-folk village… here’s hoping for a centralized system of government to destroy. Otherwise this is going to take… like weeks. In the mean time I shall implement the spear we took from the spider-folk (or rather Lin’kosh’s back) in a vine triggered trap to further the security of the camp.

            Well, he seems to be taking longer than anticipated. I suppose it could be useful to go over the details of the encounter from yesterday, as it may shed some insight on this strange island, as well as help analyze their tactics. Mostly their thoughts were vile nonsense. However, I was able to gleam two bits of interesting information. First is that there seem to be– or have been–gods on this island other than myself. Second, is that these creatures hold them in some enmity for some curse which they believe will end upon the gods’ deaths. Well, I shall be on the lookout for them. Hopefully they shall be more civilized company than the spiders.

            As for their tactics, they seem to be mostly ambush predators. Using their natural climbing abilities to strike from above. They started the fight by throwing down spears and globs of webbing to restrain our movement, as our melee fighters were unable to engage. Well they shall regret this tactic when I knock them from their perches. Only once their webs and spears were spent did they move down to fight with claws and venom fangs– which they used aptly in concert. One of them of them, however used as sort of makeshift web garrote with some great effect, as it was able to slip it over the throat of the its opponents, and then draw them close to strangle them and repeatedly bite. Fortunately the web did not seem able to stand up to the force of them being sent flying by my eldritch might, and so we have an effective method to break free from them while keeping tempo. All in all then I am not too worried. So long as we keep our eyes up and spot them in time we should be able to gain a quick advantage in any fight by turning their position against them with repealing bolts of eldritch furry. If not, then I think our fighters are their equals in a melee, and we have me to reposition them if need be.


            Well then, after breakfast the group decided to go to the star eating mesa that I suggested originally. We trekked through the woods via the river for a few hours, and arrived to find a reverse gravity water fall. We decided to break for lunch as we waited for my imp to return from his scouting, which he did shortly. Then after I had him confirm that the gravity normalized at the top, and the water continued to flow over the lip, I promptly jumped into the river and rose upwards at an rapid pace. Unfortunately, my imp neglected to tell about the rocks at the bend until after I had already plunged upward. Though– needless to say– I managed to adroitly throw a rope around a branch at the last second to swing out of the water and into the safety of normalized gravity. I was then able to jump back in and navigate the rocks at a more controlled pace to emerge at the top without a scratch.

            The others took a considerably longer time – one using a climbing harnest, another turning into a bear, and the third strapping himself onto the second– and so I was able to greet them with freshly smoked fish that my familiar had managed to catch in his raven form as we waited.

            Now, on top of the highest point of the island, we are able to get a good look at the majority of it. It seems to be a symmetric lung shape, divided in the middle by the river, with the pyramid being at the solar plexus. The river flows up towards the mesa from the sea… is that normal? – and splits off into two streams near the camp, where it flows symmetrically into two opposing lakes. The right side of the island is covered in forest, and is the home of the spiders. The left side is flat grasslands, where a variety of megafauna can be seen.

            Other than the pyramid and our wreck, only two manmade objects can be seen below. The first is a series of ruined builds –probably no more than huts– on the far end of the spider forest. The second is the wreck of a black ship on the shore opposite to the shore upon which our own ship resides. It has been agreed that upon finishing our business here, the latter should be our most likely destination.

            Turning back to face mesa-ward, we see a third man-made object, an odd light house-like structure. We move to examine it, but are unable to gain entry. Instead of a handle, the only door has some mysterious slot with markings similar to those on the spider-folk’s heads, and any attempts to force entry results in the full brunt of the energy being directed back towards the sender. Upon further inspection we discovered that the whole building is radiating abjuration magic. We were able however to gain a look through the top window, through which we were able to make out a brazier and a mirror.

            Marge decided that we should stay until sundown to see up close what happens to the starlight. Assenting I made the components for five more traps as we waited. However, this turned out to be a waste, as the only thing that changed was the brazier lit itself. I suppose this shall have to remain a mystery for now, and we shall have to return if we find any further clues…

            … although it does occur to me writing this that I do happen to have something on my person that could fit into the slot. A crystal doorknob that a memory from a past life directed me to find, however failed to enlighten me to what it was for. I have been carrying it ever sense just in can it became useful. Perhaps I shall finally know what it is for.

Carric's Log
Day 0-5

[This is written by Carric (my character) is Deepspeach, which doesn’t actually have an alphabet, so take that as you will. (not to mention that he doesn’t have any paper or writing supplies on him)] [Also, the first post might be a bit long as it not only covers two session, but is also expanded a bit from what happened in game (like his mention of what they had for dinner, or what he was doing before the campaign started) as I felt that would be useful for something or another…]

Day 0

My lives have once again fallen into the familiar pattern. The force of Aither pursues me to the sea, and the sea spits me out onto the surface of the earth, and the earth into the rays of the shining sun, and the sun casts me once again into the vortices of Aither. Received by all in their turn, and hated by all. So, has it begun again in the last few days. I found myself in a city of dwarves not even a fortnight ago. Naturally I went about plying my trade, and quickly gained the ire of several powerful and less than savory dwarves (which ended with them giving the title of Yojimbo (? Whatever that means) and setting a modest bounty on my head), and so once again found myself in need of a quick escape.

 Fortunately, as I was making arrangements for my exit I encountered a man with the face of a man on one of my wanted posters (He claims that it is not his face– whether that means that the poster doesn’t look like him, or that somebody changed his face I haven’t been able to get out of him), and so should be able to recoup my traveling expenses. Naturally I once again applied the old bounty hunter truism of baggage being cheaper passage as I bought a ticket on –what I have been assured to be– a fine dwarven vessel on its way to Hallifaxis where the man (who goes by the name of Woodhouse) stole  information from.

Unfortunately our departure was delayed somewhat by a state funeral for some human hero whom the dwarves seemed to owe some respect. Which strikes me as odd, but I didn’t pay attention to the explanation enough to know what that was all about. On that note though, there was an incident during the funeral that bears notice. On its own it was nothing– an unusual shadow passing overhead (too large to be a bird, and too swift to be a cloud)– yet the shudder it produced from my patron was unlike any I have experienced before. Something to keep in mind, though I doubt it is too important.

Anyways, after the funeral had passed, Woodhouse and I quickly boarded the vessel whose name I have forgotten, and soon after were on our way. The sky was clearish, and the sea fair, and I spent most of the day enjoying the sea breeze and gracing the sailors with my flute playing. That evening I enjoyed a meal of salted fish paired with some citrusy beverage of some small alcohol content. I asked what it was, but was answered by some Dwarven word I didn’t quite catch well enough to transcribe. Something like Durglacen? Or maybe that is just its nickname?

Regardless, after performing a few song requests for the sailors I retired to my room late in the evening. However, after a few hours of attempted sleep made futile by Woodhouse’s incessant moaning, I decided to go up top to enjoy the clear ocean sky while trying out a few new melodies. Around midnight however an alarm was cried , and then everyone started running about and shooting stuff at a lizardfolk vessel that had somehow snuck up on us.

I quickly found a place that I could be out of the way and still be prepared for combat– while still playing my beloved flute of course (it really set the mood).  However just before they came into range of my eldritch might, an island popped out of nowhere, causing some great tidal disturbance and preventing any further engagement.

Our esteemed captain (whose name presently escapes me) somehow managed to keep us from capsizing immediately, allowing me enough time to secure myself with the rope I keep wrapped around me at all times to some barrel while hanging upside down from the riggings and continuing to play my flute with my other hand– and Strife, how I was inspired to play in that maelstrom. No melody played before by these lips had been so impassioned, so invigorating, so furious– and I dare say that I never had such an appreciative audience as those soon to be drowned sailors in their last moments (though of course I have no way of knowing).




Day 1

Well, eventually our captain’s skill or luck ran out and I woke up with our ships run aground on the newfound land– with the pirate’s ship somehow on top of ours impaled by the mast. However no sooner had I awakened and made it to the tree line, than the two captains (who were busy assigning blame to each other) were swallowed from beneath by a giant ant-like creature. No sooner than we had recovered from the shock of this however did the whole beach begin crawling with smaller versions of the creature ranging from the size of a crab, to the size of a horse.

Seeing that both groups were in danger, I used my rope– still attached to a piece of the barrel– to pulley myself up a tree and began picking off the smaller specimens; Nobly staying behind long enough to cover their hasty escape before I myself was forced to exit the scene at the approach from one of the horse sized ones (which had just demonstrated an ability to spit acid far enough to reach my perch)– pausing briefly to gather my things that had been placed into a pile near the tree line, as well as one of the smaller corpses for lunch. However, much to my dismay, I was informed upon finding the rest of the castaways that the meat was likely poisonous and so I was forced to discard it. Fortunately, though this island seems to be abundant with large, edible fruit on oddly organized perfectly straight rows of trees– which I was able to knock off the trees with some well-aimed bolts of eldritch energy.

Being fed we began to establish a hierarchy amongst the survivors– who numbered eight at that point including myself. I have not yet learned all of their names, but I will give a brief account of them anyways. Starting with the two cooks, both female(?), one from each vessel. I believe that one of their name’s is cookie? The one from our vessel is of course a dwarf. The other is a small anthropomorphic lizard– a Kobold I believe they are called. Then we have Kukri, a Dragonborn male(?) who seems to have been the second in command of the lizard vessel. After that we have two more lizards– a raggedy Kobold male(?) with armed with a sickle that he wields with some proficiency, and an icy blue female(?) Dragonborn– that seems to be in a state of amusing Strife. This stems from our escape from the beach, where the Dragonborn panicked and let loose her icy breath, not realizing (or caring?) that the Kobold was in the way, and dropped him along with two of the smaller ants. Fortunately for him though, Kukri spotted this and managed to drag him away before the ants could finish him. For now this feud is merely entertainment, though perhaps I will be able to use it later on should need arise. From our ship, other than myself and the cook, we have a firbolg nature man. Not much to say other than he was handy in the fight. Seems to have been another passenger, though I really couldn’t say. Finally we have the female dwarven security officer, who has taken it upon herself to be in charge. I have decided to let her, as there is nothing more fragile than an impromptu government of necessity, and I do not wish to add the potential animosity of such a position upon myself. An interesting bit I overheard from one of the sailors talking– it seems that she was in her position out of some agreement with her father to pay her tuition for some Dwarven officer school if she survived for 6 months under the captain who seemed to have a reputation for being a hard man. I wonder how that agreement will play out now that he is dead? On that note she seems to be paranoid against all use of magic, and views me with utter distrust… (sighs) and so the pattern begins again.

Once leadership was decided, we began marching inland for search of water, which we promptly found in the form of large lake. No sooner did I stoop to retrieve some water from it, however, than the sun set, and all the stars seemed to be drawn from the sky onto a messa in the distance– leaving us in total darkness. In the distance the roar of a… very large creature could be heard. Interesting place this island.



Day 2

            Upon waking I was struck almost simultaneously with two thoughts. First, I had left Woodhouse bound in my room. This caused me to laugh, which drew a number of odd looks. Second though, is that when the pirate vessel appeared, one of the things fired at it were a number of large ballistae, which may still be salvageable, and would no doubt be useful against the large fauna that seem to inhabit this island. I brought this second point up with the group, and they quickly agreed that a return trip was in order. We decided that a small group would be least likely to attract the ants, as it seemed that we were on the beach for some time before they attacked, and only arrived after the captains started yelling. To that end we left the two cooks and the Firbolg nature man to secure food and shelter– as well as the icy dragonborn for security at the Kobold male’s suggestion. Whether he meant the camp’s or his own I couldn’t tell.

            Upon arriving I decided to cover their approach from the tree line, and then stealthed my way across the sand after they reached the ship– walking without rhythm to avoid attention. Upon crossing we discovered that there was another dragonborn survivor– this one a red male. He seems to have been their security officer, and was knocked out for most of the day from the crash. Which I should mention is really bad for you, and he should really get that looked at. Anyways, I left them to salvage some wood, and went searching for Woodhouse. No sooner than I found him though than he went into a epileptic fit and melted into snow. There goes the bounty. Oh well, at least I got my sack and two manacles back. Also there seemed to be a magic crystal embedded in him that seems valuable, so that’s a plus.

            After that we proceeded to the Captains quarters to gather his navigation charts and tools, and then proceeded to loot as much as we could carry. Unfortunately the ballistae were broken, but all in all we found:

  1. Navigation charts
  2. 1 protractor
  3. 1 snowsward
  4. Metal part of 2 ballistae including bows, and 20 bolts
  5. 5 short swords
  6. 2 short bows
  7. 48 arrows
  8. 3 throwing hammers
  9. A confused compass
  10. 180 days of rations
  11. 90 days of different type of rations?
  12. 10 waterskins
  13. 5 waterskins with dwarven ale
  14. 5 with lizard mead
  15. 5 barrels of water
  16. 3 10ft poles
  17. 5 backpacks
  18. 2 tents 2
  19. 3 changes of medium clothes 2 small
  20. 1 barrel of salt
  21. Some bedding
  22. 300ft rope
  23. 2 empty barrels
  24. 1 box full of something experiments
  25. 1  bullseye, 2 hooded
  26.  2 climbers kits
  27. Some hammers
  28. Some nails
  29.  A saw
  30. 2 pulleys



            Unfortunately, it seemed that we weren’t as quiet as we could have been in our looting, for no sooner did we begin to leave than three of the horse-sized ants erupt from the sands. I attempted to cover the other’s escape again from a perch on top of the wrecked ship, however the ants quickly either surrounded them, or caught up to the female dwarf as she attempted to flee on her stumpy dwarven legs. The others put up a valiant fight, but were quickly proved outmatched for the ants, and the three on sands fell to their fell mandibles in a matter of seconds– the only survivors being myself on the ship, and Kukri who had already made it to the tree line from which he threw several javelins. However, moments before their inevitable demise the man of nature– having completed securing the camp, and being uncomfortable at our extended absence– arrived to pull them from deaths jaws with emanatory words of health, and hurled balls of flame.

            After that it was only a matter of finishing them off, which was made more dramatic as one of them began climbing up the ship towards my perch. Unperturbed though, I held my eldritch might with steely nerves until the last second, with the ant creature being a scant five feet away. True did the bolt strike, knocking the creature from its tenuous hold on the ship, and sending it tumbling down to be splattered on the sands bellow.

            After that we quickly transported the loot back to camp, pausing briefly to discover that some of the fruit on the island seems to have minor restorative properties. We then made camp, and rested for the night.


Day 3-4

            While the rest of the survivors built shelter, I took it upon myself to start fortifying our position by trying to repair the ballistae. I think I got I good idea of it, however after I had cut down a sufficient number of trees for the requisite lumber, the kobold male saw fit to mention that greenwood likely wouldn’t be strong enough to hold together under the strain produced by a ballista loosing. Still, perhaps we can use the wood for something else– and who knows, perhaps it shall age long enough before we can leave this place. In the meantime I will look out for any previously felled trees. However, given the strangely organized rows of trees of this place, I have been informed that seems unlikely.


Day 5

            We decided that it was necessary to begin exploring this island. To that end there seems to be two obvious starting points. The first being the star eating mesa, and another being a black stoned pyramid structure. At first I suggested the latter, as anything that can eat stars would clearly be formidable, and the structure seemed the most likely bet to find any inhabitants. However, no sooner did I say this than I felt a shudder from my patron exceeded only by the shudder felt from the passing shadow in the parade not even a week hence. I attempted to change my suggestion, however it seems that my previous reasoning proved too valid to overturn now, and the rest decided to go to the pyramid. However to reach either we needed to cross a river, and so decided to spend the rest of the day constructing a rope ferry system.



Day 6

            Having constructed the ferry, we crossed the river and trekked the few hours needed to reach the pyramid (leaving the cooks and a few others behind). However, upon arriving we found the place to fortunately be inaccessible by land– as it is completely surrounded by water filled with carnivorous megafauna. The only visible possibility being a series of stone platforms, however these were each easily 50ft apart from each other, and so would require some engineering effort to make use of.

            Seeing this, we decided that the best option would be to head to the mesa through a forest– where we promptly ran into some giant spiders, that were easily subdued. No sooner than we felled them though– and the kobold male stoop to salvage the more valuable parts– did a spear fly from the shadows to strike him in the back, and from whence it flew we spot a quad of anthropomorphic spider creatures…

Adventure log :20
The Balance Part 3




Loot: Individualized 

NPCs Met: Fairy leaders, Half Orc woman

After Edmond set up a few things for his new house, we traveled to the magical beacon that is located near Maggie's Fairy land. We took the large Planer stone and spoke with the Fey leaders about using it on the statues. They agreed that it was worth a try in order to stop the Fairy land from losing its Fey traits. Magee first wanted to check on the chunck of An'lai that had been sent to the Plane of Fairy. Silvarus teleported the group there, and we searched for any evidence of the An'lain inhabitance who had been teleported to the Plane of Fairy 50 years ago. We saw a stretch of land that was mostly desert. There were a few remnants of civilization left, but only one survivor, a Half Orc woman. We teleported her back with us, and then went in to check out the statues at the magical hot spot. 

This time there were only two statues, good and evil. We tried putting the planer crystal on the good statue and giving gold to the evil statue, but nothing happened. We then gave the evil statue silver instead, and the crystal and money were consumed. The now familiar hole and elevator dropped down in the floor of the room, and we traveled down to find the globe and table waiting for us. We placed the globe in the center slot, as usual, and then Maggie went with her goodberry to explore the room. She did not find a dragon this time, but did find some large snails that were climbing the walls of the underground room. They were very unique snails because the trails that they left behind were hard and clear like glass. The fairy folk, learned how to craft glass objects out of the snail trails.

When we exited from the statue room, we found that the land was looking more fey then it had before and a portal to the Plane of Fairy had opened in the middle of town. The portal was the size of a large doorway and Edmond trained an awakened tree to stay with the Fey and guard the portal so that nothing harmful could come over from the Plane of Fairy.


Adventure log :19
The Balance Part 2




Loot: 60 swords, bows, suites of armor, 

NPCs Met:

We tied up all the soldiers and transformed all the Wolves back into Mastiffs. We then began to explore Edmond's new house. The house looked like it had not been lived in for quite some time. All of the rooms were dusty and infrequently used except for the library, which was spotless. Every item that we misplaced as we explored the library was returned to its proper place as soon as we stepped away from it. We continued to explore the library and found a key hole behind one of the books (the book was called Tales of Abraxas. Akmenous read it and told us that it was about an egg that broke and became a world. The egg separated into four parts: chaos, law, good, and evil.). We search thought the house looking for a key and found another keyhole in the kitchen oven. We also found books about how to run a household that had sketches of keys on the back pages. After finding several of these books, two keys fell out of them, and the sketches disappeared.

We tried the keys in the two key holes, and the floor lowered in the entrance hall. Donivan had been working on removing the rotten floorboards from this area, uncovering a stone floor that was now lowering and revealing a room under the house. In the room were four statues, two gold, two silver. The two gold statues were familiar to us and looked like the ones in Ivan's hide out that we had used to create the beacon of light. 

One of the gold statues looked like the monodrones, and the other statue looked like the four armed titans. There were also two silver statues that had wings and carvings trees growing up around them. One of the silver statues looked happy and prosperous while the other had carvings of people and creatures that were torturing each other. 

Around the silver statues there was script that said "One will ask you who you are, the other will ask you what you want" It also said to place a silver coin on the hand of the statue. We tried placing some silver coins on each of the silver statues and received visions from the good one showing us what magical items we could place on the titan statue and from the evil one what results that would occur. After testing several options, we decided that the silver statues could not be trusted and we determined for ourselves what magical items to use.

On the titan we placed: the Sorceress' spell book, a crystal rose of create food and water, the large nature crystal, 10 small crystals each of water, earth, and nature, incense for reduced time for Ritual Casting, and hat of identify. 2,500 gold went on the monodrone statue. 

As the statues finished consuming the magical items and gold, the flooring dropped down in the corner revealing an elevator lift like the one at Ivan's hideout. We went down in it and found another globe of Awn'laia and another table with statues, also like the ones at Ivan's hideout with one difference, this table had four statues on each end: a Titan, a Monodrone, a Good, and an Evil, each one a miniature of the ones in the room above.  There were still five slots on the table, one in the center and one near each of the four statures. We again placed the globe in the centermost slot.

Maggie searched the entire room, goodberry in hand, to find the dragon that she was convinced should be in this room, but did not find anything. 

Adventure log :18
Flight of the Tyrannosaurus Rex


Combat: Group of the Aplus Cleansing



NPCs Met: McCloud Greyfinn, commander of a group of Aplus Cleansing

As we were putting the dog and puppies into the wagon, we heard the sound of combat somewhere in the woods. We left the dog and wagon and followed the sound until we found a group of the Aplus Cleansing fighting two wolves in the forest. One of the members of the group was wearing the uniform of a commander and was wielding a powerful sword. He was striking at one of the wolves and was just about to kill it when one of his men pulled out a dagger and stabbed him in the back. 

We rushed in to help the commander and the wolves (who we now knew to be Mastiff dogs). We fought off the Aplusian soldiers, and subdued the wolves, one of the wolves, unfortunately, was cut in half by the commander. The commander introduced himself as McCloud Greyfinn. He seemed to be a reasonable man, and we explained to him that we believed the wolves were actually dogs that the Aplus Cleansing had somehow changed into magic absorbing wolves and had set them loose so that they themselves could invade the country as a helpful and necessary military force. We took the commander (along with our new prisoner soldiers and the two wolves) back to the wagon and showed him the other Mastiff dog that Donivan had cured. 

We also took the time to search the cave that was there. Inside we found another wolf giving birth to a new litter of infected pups. Donivan used his Channel Divinity on her, and she and all her puppies turned into Mastiff dogs. At the same time the two wolves that we had brought back turned into dogs as well. The one that had been cut in half, became two dogs, each with the mirrored markings of the other.

Commander Greyfinn was infuriated at actions that the Applus Cleansing group had taken, and he interrogated the soldiers that had been with him in the forest. They told him that they did not know anything about Mastiff dogs, but that the head commander at the fortress had told them to only capture the wolves, not kill them, and had also told them to kill Greyfinn because he could not be trusted to participate in their plans. 

 We went back to town with the soldiers and dogs. Commander Greyfinn addressed all of the soldiers that were in the town and told them that the actions of the Aplus Cleansing group in this country were not honorable and that anyone who agreed with him could join him. All others would be taken back to Aplusia for trial. Only Greyfinn's own men joined him, and we began to make plans to overthrow the fortress.

That night we crept up to the fortress. Maggie flew over the wall (invisible, of course) and put the sleeping fog liquid that we had gotten from the burning Elf apartments in the brazers near two of the groups of soldiers. The rest of the group then came in as flying T-Rexes, which Edmond had changed them into. They took out the ballista and the guards on the walls while McCloud Greyfinn and his men battered down the gates and stormed the courtyard. We finished up the fight by confronting the head commander and the Aplusian scientist at the front door to the mansion. 

Adventure log :17
Sheep in Wolves Clothing


Combat: Pack of corrupt wolves



NPCs Met: Halbert, town guard at Edgewood


We went out searching in the morning and found a cave with a pack of monster wolves. One of them was huge and four of them were large. We fought them, but could not get them to die. Donavin cast his channel divinity on the largest one, striking it in one of its magical growths. The tumorous growths were cast away from the wolf's body, and the wolf changed into a Mastiff dog. All of the other wolves changed into Mastiff puppies at the same time. The dog had a collar around her neck that said 6 of 20, and she was apparently the mother of the puppies.

Edmond cast speak with animal and asked the dog how she came to be a wolf. She told him that she had masters that had fed her strange meat that had caused her to change. We put the dog and puppies into the wagon to take back to town.


Adventure log :16
The Six Embers


Combat: Soldiers of The Aplus Cleansing

 XP: 10,333

Loot: Four items from the auctioneer's stock. 1 Pump action air riffle w/10 darts (60/80ft, 1 action reload, silent), 4 pistols w/250 rounds (70/140ft 1d10 dam. 5 shots then 1 action reload), 15 doses sleep powder, 186 arrows, 8 drawer tables, 36 books, 36 knives, 50 sticks of incense, 12 stuffed birds, 4 medical kits, 15 maps, Serenity: 20 pistols fixed on each side w/80 rounds of ammo (20d4 in a 100 ft cone) pulled by 4 draft horses. 5000 platinum, 100 gold, 200 copper, Bonze war hammer inlaid w/electrum worth 750 gold, 20 +2 arrows, bottle of Oil of Etherealness, small sized Belt of Frost Giant Strength (Maggie), +3 Rod of the Pact Keeper

NPCs Met: Jeff, Sargent at the Dormir Police Station; Clive, Lead Detective for the Dormir Police Force; members of a group called The Aplus Cleansing from the country of Aplusia; Smith John, former member of The Aplus Cleansing.

After thoroughly tying up the merchants, we used Slvaris's staff to teleport back to Dormir and turn them over to the police. When we arrived at the police station, we found the auctioneer there telling the police that we had stolen a valuable magical item from him and that he wanted us arrested and the item repossessed. Akmenous then cast Zone of Truth and the falsified story fell to pieces. We accused the auctioneer in turn of sending a group to attack us. A trial was held, and the judge fined the auctioneer and said that four of us could take an item of our choice out of his inventory. The police said that we could not press charges for the actions of the traveling merchants because they were not committed in the town of Dormir. Donavin then went down to the docks and turned the band over to Captain A. Harrigan as sailors for his next voyage. 

We teleported back to the spot we had left that morning, and examined our new war wagon, which we renamed Shillelagh, and all of the loot that it contained. As we got closer to Edmond's property, a sphere Monodrome appeared in the road and told us to move the power towards law and we would be rewarded. After talking to him for a moment, he disappeared. Further down the road three more Monodromes (one cube, two spheres) appeared and told us that the law was in everything and we must chose law. Six more appeared further on (one pyramid, one cube and four spheres) and told us that the 

When we got to Edmond's property, we found a large fortress that was being used to housed a group of soldiers. They called themselves The Aplus Cleansing and were from the country of Aplusia. We had heard of this group before and knew them to be anti magic radicalists who would destroy anything remotely tear touched and would collect all of the crystals they could find to be thrown into a volcano in Aplusia. Donivan got out of Shillelagh and spoke with the guards at the front gate. They told him that they were here hunting dangerous tear touched wolves that were living in the surrounding area. As they spoke a group of hunters came in with a wounded wolf that they had captured and were trying to kill. The creature was clearly tear touched and had bulging, tumorous growths all over it. Donivan cast his Channel Divinity on the wolf, the growths receded, the magic that was keeping the wolf alive past its time disappeared, and it died right away. The guards got very angry at the sight of magic use, and the fight was on. 

We beat the guards soundly, leaving only one alive who was so terrified (he had been banished at the beginning of the fight to another plane of existence (a harmless plane; we are not monsters)) that he stripped off his armor to fake his own death and then fled saying that he was changing his name to Smith John so that he could not be found again. Before he left he answered a few questions in exchange for his release. He told us that there were 63 soldiers total at the fortress including the nine we had killed in the fight and that they had been there for four months so far.

Adventure log :15
Thieves in the Night


Combat: The traveling merchants



NPCs Met: 

The 4th day of travel was pretty uneventful. We heard some wolf like howling in the distance, but that was all. When we camped that night however, life definitely got eventful. During third watch an arrow with a bag of powder tied to it was shot into our camp fire. We noticed a figure on the edge of our camp, and Maggie went to investigate. It turned out to be one of the members of the traveling merchants that we had met on the road. As Maggie followed her out away from the camp, the other members of the merchant group came out of hiding and attacked us. After a vigorous battle in which Marion, one of the merchants, died we finally overpowered them. They confessed that they had signed a contract with the auctioneer in Dormir and had been been sent to get the Sorceress' staff from us. 

Adventure log :14
Cheaters Never Prosper


Combat: Rakasha, Ghost of "Master"

 XP: 667

Loot: 400 g, Bones worth 50g, Chime of opening with 8 uses, Potion of Gaseous form

NPCs Met: Group of traveling merchants

  • On our 3rd day of traveling, we met a group of merchants on the road. They had a remarkable wagon that seemed to carry more things than was actually possible. The leader's name was Good and each of his group had something different to sell: stuffed birds, books, medical supplies, and other trinkets. We bought a few things before continuing on our way.
  • We came to the crossroad where the beast man was sitting with his game table. He challenged us to a card draw, saying that if we drew a card higher than his we could pass by, but if his card was higher, he could consume our souls. If we did not want to draw cards, he said, we would try to beat him in combat instead. All of the group drew a card except Maggie, and then the Rakasha, for that was what he was, looked through the deck and, finding the highest card, drew it for himself. He cried out that we had lost, and we cried out that he had cheated. Combat ensued, and we defeated him.
  • That night during third watch, we saw a strange blue light flicker every once in a while around our camp. The alarms that we had set up went off and a moment later the ghostly figure of the sorceress that we had killed in Dormir appeared in our camp near her staff, which Syvaris was now carrying. We attacked her and she disappeared again.
Adventure log :13
Fields and Hay Stacks and Yetis, Oh My!


Combat: Huge Yeti, two large Yeti

 XP: 2,650

Loot: Huge Yeti skin

NPCs Met:

  • Day 2 of traveling towards Edmond's property we were passing fields full of hay stacks. Edmond noticed that one of the stacks appeared to be breathing and rushed into the field to find out what it was. It happened to be a Yeti who started attaching us. We fought, defeated, and skinned it. Later that night we were attacked by two smaller Yetis who we fought and tied up. We interrogated them to see why they were in the surrounding area. The Yeti told us that their territory in the mountains was now too well lit from the beacon of light that had appeared and the Yeti were being hunted night and day. They had moved down from the mountains to find a new home, and were killing and pillaging the countryside to establish their new territory. 

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