Tears of Idris

Adventure log :08
Fire, Sale


Combat: 3 fire Elementals (Gronx, Sipple, and Korz) that were burning the Ratkin apartments

 XP: 500 

Loot: 5000g for mirrors, 800 crystal rose, 650 fancy clothes, 2000 Conjurers Circlet

NPCs Met: Malcoulmus Voisin, innkeeper of the Muddy Leprechaun 

We arrived at the docks in Dormir and unloaded the ship of its prisoners and treasures. The head nurse at the Angel of Healing hospital came down to the docks and healed the former slaves of their mind damage. We took these Kobalts, Dragonborn and humans to an inn. We paid Malcoulmus Voisin, the innkeeper of the Muddy Leprechaun, for the first night of food and board for them and then a city official arrived and paid for them to stay for the next week. He informed us that the trial for Ivan's bandits was set for the next week and that the prisoners were to stay as witnesses.

While we waited for the trial to take place we learned that an auction was being held in Dormir in a few days, so we submitted several of our items to sell and signed up to attend. Meanwhile, Edmond unknowingly bought a stolen horse and used it to returned to BoydShille to retrieve his items that he had left there. Donavin, Akmenous, and Maggie fought off a group of arsonist and rescued the Ratkin whose home they were burning. 

We then attended the auction, sold some of our items from Ivan's hide away, and bought a few new items for ourselves.

Adventure log :07
On the Captain's High (Idio) Seas


Combat: Violet Tide Shriekers, Violet Tide Gas Spores. 

 XP: 500


NPCs Met: Captain A. Harrigan, captain of The Scimitar, Rer, first mate on The Scimitar 

We set out towards Dormir in the ship The Scimitar. The captain, a complete idiot, navigated us out to sea to gain more speed as we circled through the islands. We immediately ran into a mass of purple bubbles floating on the ocean surface. The ship's first mate, a rather intelligent man, explained to us that we were seeing gas spores called the Violet Tide and that these spores, when touched, would explode, causing damage that would quickly destroy the ship. Interspersed amount the round bubbles there were several large almond shaped fungi with tendrils. These creatures, Shriekers Rer told us, would attach to the ship, slowing our speed.

We quickly rushed to the front of the ship and fought off the bulbous fungi using arrows and called lightening to target those that were close enough to come in contact with the ship. Akmenous used his axe on the Shriekers that got past us and attached to the ship. 20 minutes after we fought off the first batch of Violet Tide we met another bunch that we fought through in the same fashion.

After fighting off the second group of Violet Tide we saw three boats full of Kuo-tua charging towards us to attack and plunder our ship. As these fish-like pirates drew nearer we got a better look at their unique boats, which were created using a giant sea shells and had a coral ladder on them for boarding ships. The three boats surrounded our ship and prepared to board. At this point Ferni came on deck from below and ordered us to keep the Kuo-tua confined to their boats. He then performed a ritual that targeted each of the three boats with a fire tornado that destroyed them and the pirates they were carrying.



Adventure log :06
The Last Draw



 XP: 2,000

Loot: +1 Scimitar, 1000 g ea., crystal rose w/ create food & water once a day. 

NPCs Met: Sara, member of human first group

Edmond sent animal messengers to DeLarosa telling him that we found the roses, and The Three Torches in Dormir telling them that we found a hidden port with the bandit's prisoners that needed help and the bandit's themselves that needed brought back for trial. 

While we were waiting for responses, a row boat returned from the ship that had just left the harbor with Sara and four of her goons in it. She wanted to take Ivan's human followers, but we told her that we were going to take them back to Dormir to stand trial for there crimes. She said that as long as the trial was fair to humans we could do that because she did not agree with how Ivan was handling his pro-human actions.

Ferni Ignous, one of the founders of The Three Torches, arrived on the ship from Dormir. He looked around the port and seemed very sceptical about the beacon. However, after talking with Blithen he accepted all of it without question.

Before loading up the ship and leaving, Maggie and Akmenous drew cards from the Deck of Many Things. Maggie drew 3 cards got higher HP, higher Dex, and had to fight a shadow version of herself. After she defeated it, she then had a +1 Fire Longbow. Akmenous drew the remaining five cards from the deck and got higher HP, higher Dex, an egg to hatch, also had to fight a shadow version of himself for a +1 Fire Sword, and was able to receive that answer to his question of choice. 

When the last card of the deck was drawn and had taken affect, a jinni came out of the deck box and declared that he would destroy us all for keeping him captive. We, of course, fought and defeated him.

Adventure log :05
The Balance



 XP: 3,750


  • Armory: Barrel of Smoked fish,  30 polls with hooks, 4 agats worth 10 gold ea, 
  • Storage barrels: 18 Salt, 12 Flour, 4 Sugar, 9 wheels of cheese, 1 Lye, 4 Molasses, 3 empty, 110 platinum kugarans, 3 Salmon, 5 nets, 300 ft of Marine rope, machine oil, 4 pulleys, 1 block and tackle, 
  • Barracks: 1 deck playing cards, 30 dirty blankets, 13,000 in silver, 12 wheels of cheese, box of black tea,  box of tea/rose leaf mix, potion of fire breath, 2200 copper (-1300 for rooms at Dormir), 3 crates of citris fruit
  • Atrium: 2 lg rose bushes, 6 pots of rose bush starters.
  • The statue room: Writing on the floor: "Restoration _opens the path _ a gift of   power to fix, a  tithe _of gold _to _empower."
  • Ivan's Room: 2 lg illusion mirrors w/gold and bone framewith an engraving that said manufactured in the castle of Ainzland (worth 6,000 – 60,000 gold each (48,000)), necklace of golden pearls (800 g), 6 bars silver (empirical), 7000 copper in chest, 30 mirrors (20-200 g ea), crystal rose (300 g), 2 +1 shields w/ Elven carvings (1 Logan & 1 statues), clothes (500g). Elven princess who we gave 3 wishes to. She wished everything had not happened and wished herself back home.

NPCs Met: Conayan Foucault a goblin artificer who was making gold statues for Ivan.

We explored Ivan's hide away and found a "throne room" with a map of Awn'laia carved into the floor as two circles side by side. Above this was a bed room with mirrors of various sizes lining the walls, a hole in the floor and ceiling matching the the map on the room below, and several slave girls. We also discovered a room below where two statues had been removed from their stands and had been replaced with two statues of Ivan, one of them was gold and the other was half gold. We removed the Ivan statues and put the original statues (a Titan and a Monodrone) back in place. Beneath the statues there was writing on the floor that said "Restoration opens the path, a gift of power to fix, a tithe of gold to empower." After reading this (with some help from Conayan the goblin) we experimented with the statues. While we were working on this, Donivan had a vision of the god of magic who told him to use knowledge of the Balance if we wanted to restore the statue's power.

Eventually we used the light stone crystal from upstairs on one statue and the gold broken from the Ivan statues on the other. As soon as the Titan and Monodrone had consumed both, a hole opened in the floor with an elevator. Donavin and Maggie (with Edmond as a spider on Donavin's sholder)went down to explore and found a small globe on the floor with the world of Awn'laia represented on it. It appeared to have fallen off of the table it was next to. On the table were two statues, one on either end: a Titan and a Monodrone.  The globe looked as if it would fit in one of the five slots on the table. Remembering his vision about the Balance, Donavin placed the globe in the centermost slot, and a beacon of light shot out from it to the two table statues, from them to the large statues upstairs, from them through the ceiling where the maps of the world were, and then out through the top of the cave. 

The room was now glowing with a magic light. Maggie, Donavin, and Edmond turned in surprise to see the eyes of a sleeping crystal dragon opening in the gloom. The dragon did not move and seemed to be very week. Maggie walked slowly forward and pressed her last Goodberry into the dragon's mouth. The dragon ate the berry and then got up and went to the side of the room where three eggs were begining to hatch in the magical light. After a moment's time, three baby dragons had hatched, one ruby, one saphire, and one emerald. The large dragon turned into a man and told us how pleased he was that the magic aura had returned to this place and that dragons needed magic in order to servive. He declared that he would now live hear at this port and take care of it with his children. He then took the baby dragons up to Ivan's rooms and cast wards so that no one could go in or out of there. We didn't feel like arguing with a dragon that otherwise seemed to be fairly nice. So we let him take charge of the port.

Adventure log :04
The Downfall of a Deity


Combat: Ivan and his bandits.

 XP: 3,450


NPCs Met:

Long story short, there was a deity, and he fell down. Into the water. Presumably eaten by sharks. The end.

Post Script: Donivan cast Zone of Silence while he, Edmond, and Akmenous fought off Ivan's goons, and Maggie shot Ivan multiple times, taking out one of his eyes before he feel into the afore mentioned water.

Adventure log :03
Cave Entrance


Combat: #1 fight at the entrance to Ivan's Caverns – archers, thugs, wolves, kobalts, warlords.

 XP: 2,000

Loot: 100g for protecting the caravan. 200g for nondisclosure in regards to the rose bushes and Ivan. 6 "fast rest" potions, 7 rose potions (1d4 1). Conjurers Circlet of the Burglar (attunement): The bearer may cast prestidigitation once per day and gets 1 to slight of hand checks. The Defensive Quiver of the Favored (attunement): Once per day the bearer can make a save roll w/advantage and can move an addition 5ft when making a dodge action.

NPCs met:

Donavin interrogated the prisoners who attacked the town the night before using a zone of truth. One archer said that he would take us to Ivan if we let him take back the money chest from the hotel. We agree and filled the chest with rocks (duh). As we finished talking to the prisoners a passenger coach arrived in town, and Voleur De Larosa got off with a tulip in his button hole and a cup of tea in his hand. De Larosa asked us about our progress with the mission, paid us 100 gold each for successfully protecting the caravan, and asked if we had recovered any of the roses. We showed him the prisoners who had the rose thorn infections. He tapped them each with his cane and the rose growth fell away from their arms along with the daggers. De Larosa collected the daggers, seeming rather distressed that the roses had been used as weapons.

De Larosa then took us aside and told us about the secret abilities of the rose bushes that he had sent to his cousin for her wedding. The main reason that he had sent the rose bushes was because his cousin, and Elf, and her husband, a human, would have difficulty having children, and the rose bushes would provide them with the magical influence needed to conceive. The rose bushes also had other benefits, though, such as combining the petals with water to make a healing potion. In the hands of Ivan, however, the roses had been used to create a disease. De Larosa then became very hushed about the roses and told us to keep this knowledge secret. Maggie mentioned that the last time De Larosa gave us nondisclosure instructions, he also gave us 200 gold. De Larosa seemed amused at this presumption and gave us each the requested money.

We then left town, following the archer that had agreed to take us to Ivan in exchange for the chest from the hotel. After traveling for half a day we came to a cave opening, and the archer told us that this was Ivan's base. Realizing that a soon as we got inside the cave the archer would not be a trustworthy guide, we knocked him out and entered the cave tunnel. Within the cave the tunnel split in three directions. Unsure which direction would take us to Ivan, we went back outside and waited for the archer to wake up so that we could follow him to Ivan. The archer woke up and started into the cave. He noticed us following him right away and began sounding the alarm as he ran into a small room and pulled a lever to drop a barred gate across the cave entrance dividing our group in half. Akmenous, Maggie, and Edmond were now inside the cave with Donavin and Barker without (Maggie, of course, could move in and out between the bars, but mostly was inside). We then were attacked with an onslaught of enemies. The not so helpful archer released a pack of five wolves that had been chained to a wall in the room directly ahead of us, a band of four archers came at us from the room on the left and four thugs charged in from the right. A patrolling archer and two swordsmen that were circling the cave attacked us from behind as well. After a good deal of fighting three Human leaders along with their three Kobalt slaves came at us from the passage on the right as well. Edmond defeated the group of archers, chasing them back into their room in spider form and wrapping them in webbing. Maggie took out the the Kobalts and a few Humans, knocking them out with her poison arrows. Barker mind-controlled the patrolling swordsmen causing them to attack each other. Akmenous and Donavin thrashed the remaining enemies for a thorough, but exhausting, victory.

We then searched the rooms around us for loot and rested for an hour before continuing on through the tunnels. While looting the rooms, Donavin found a large crystal in the room on the right, and Akmenous discovered a blue canary in the same room that seemed to be made of light and flew into his soul to be his now faithful companion.

Adventure log :02
A Market, a Marriage, and a Melee


Combat: #1. 1 human leader, 4 human archers and 6 Kobalt bandits on the road to BoydShille, #2. Human leaders and archers, Dragonborn and Kobalts in the Inn/Tavern/Bank at BoydShille

XP: 750

Loot: 20 arrows (cast entangle, target roles DC 10 Dex)

NPCs met:

Hogarti (Human leader of Kobalt bandits, who believes that the Viking Human god, Ivan, has destined the humans to concur and exterminate all Tear Touched creatures)

Ashton Boyd (Human Mayor of BoydShille)

We arrived at BoydShille without further excitement. We turned the bandit captives over to the town sheriff to be held in the stocks until we could take them back to Dormir. The town was very excited to see the supply caravan, took the payroll and locked it in a chest in the tavern, and took the supplies to the market that was just getting started for the day.

We did some shopping at the market and bought some false steel (aluminum). When the town's people noticed Donavin had a religious background, they insisted that he and Akmenoks hold a service for the town. Most of the town attended the service and Donavin even officiated a wedding for James Pump and his blushing bride.

That night, as we slept in the tavern, we were awoken by the sound of more bandits releasing their companions from the stocks and then heading to the tavern to steal the payroll chest. We fought them off and took most of them captive.

Adventure log :01
A Day for the Rats


combats: 0

XP earned: 300

Loot: 100g ea. for completing the mission. 200g ea. from De Larosa for not telling anyone about the crystal.

NPCs met:

Gail (questionable sausage vendor),

Tom Bakerson (Owner of a bakery with a crystal that enhances the quality of the produce for his baked products)  

Rat King (leader of the Rattkin), 

Voleur De Larosa (Half-Elf Insurance Rep for The Brighter Future Society (BFS) AKA Con-Man? Crystal Promoter? Cheese Guy?)

1st assignment for the Three Torches: Get rid of the rat infestation at Tom Bakerson's Bakery. On the way to the bakery we met Gail, who offered us 100 platinum each for information about Tom Bakerson's secret that makes his baked foods so good. At the bakery, Tom directed us to the cellar under his store, where the rats had taken up residence. He seemed in a hurry to get the job done and was rather rude. Upon investigating the cellar, we found rats from small "normal" rat size to a few that were large 18" tall when standing on their hind feet. 

Edmond "animal spoke" to the rats and convinced them to take us to their leader. The rats informed him that we would have to go through the locked back room to get to their king, so we asked Tom for the key. Tom got very nervous and said that he could not give us the key without someone else's permission. He then sent a message to Voleur De Larosa, who came over with a red rose in his button hole and a chunk of cheese in his hand.

De Larose insisted that we sign a non-disclosure contract before we could have the key (basically the contract said that we would get 200g for not telling anyone about anything in the backroom, and if we did talk about it then we would be made to be very sorry). Then De Larosa proceeded to tell us about a large crystal that was being stored in the cellar room, to which Tom owed much of his bakery's success due to the fact that it made his fruits and grains larger, tastier, and able to stay fresh longer. We promised not to tell anyone about the crystal, and Tom reluctantly handed over the key. 

We went back down into the cellar, and Andrew told the rats that we were ready to meet their king. They lead us into the backroom, through a drainage hole in the floor, and we entered the sewers of Domir. Beneath the bakery the sewers were lit with a soft, yellow light. The source of the light was a round crystal held in the arms of a rat the size of a small elephant. This, we learned, was Ratking, the leader of several hundred rats who had discovered the crystal while raiding the baker's storage room. Through prolonged exposure the ordinary rat had become gradually larger and more intelligent, so much so that he now understood and spoke common. He had then moved his hoard of followers into the bakery's cellar and adjacent sewer line to directly benefit from the crystal's influence. Upon further questioning we learned that over a hundred of Ratking's followers had reached the point where they too could speak common and grown to Hafling size. This, of course, qualified them for representation in Domir as a sentient race. We discussed this idea with Ratking and, after pondering the prospects of getting jobs as trash collectors and being able to interact freely with Domir's markets while no longer sneaking and stealing what they wanted, he decided that registering his race as represented citizens of Domir was a good idea. We also pointed out to him that he would now have to abide by the laws of Domir and could not continue stealing from and residing in Tom's cellar. An idea was then formed that he could send in a group of rats each night when the bakery was closed, and, as long as they did not disturb anything in Tom's storage room, they could spend some time gaining the sentient granting benefits of the crystal so that the Rattkin could continue to flourish. 

And so our first mission for the Three Torches was successfully completed.

  • Ratking handed over the chrystal, which we returned to a bird cage looking structure in the storage room, (the fruit plants in the room looked healthier almost instantly and a few strawberries began to ripen).
  • Tom Bakerson was pleased at the sudden lack of rats in his cellar, although somewhat puzzled at the equal lack of dead rats, and paid us 100 gold each.
  • Four Rattkin representatives met us at City Hall where they filled out the registration paperwork in preparation for their new life as bonafide citizens.
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