Boyar Island

Size: 1,075 sq. mi.

Population: 50,000 Elves

Two years B.E. (Before Elevation) water elemental shards fell on the Elfin valley countries, producing portals to the Plane of Water. The entire lowland area was soon completely submerged, and the ocean inlet now know as the Sea of Tears was created. To the east of the Sea of Tears the high, fertile lands of Dursia became a refuge to many of the Elves fleeing the flooded valley.

In the year of Elevation, the levitation shard fell and burrowed into the ground under the southern part of Dursia. A ground spitting crack ran around the perimeter of the surrounding land in a 18.5 mile radius, separating it from the rest of Dursia. The refugees, who had fled to Dursia, fled again to escape the unknown doom. The ground then began to lift away from the main land mass, and water from the Sea of Tears rushed in to fill the vacant crater. Elves who had been able to make it to the edge of the rising island threw themselves off into the waters that had once destroyed their homes. The remain 80,000 inhabitance of the land were left trapped on the now floating portion of Awn'laia. 

Within the next two days the land was lifted 4,000 ft. During the first day the ground shuddered with constant earthquakes as the 1,075 square mile chunk was torn loose from the rest of Dursia. During the second day the land that was once coastal paradise experienced a temperature drop and air pressure decrease.

and in this way the elves, thinking themselves now locked away from the rest of the world, prepared to survive as best as they could. 

Meriba Chalit of the City of Raulch has been recorded as the mother of first Winged Elf in the history of Awn'laia. Her son, Brunkirk, was born on a bright, starlit night in mid summer. By the following winter two strange stubs were beginning to protrude from his back, one on each of his tiny shoulders. The child's father and mother, worried for the health of there first born, took him to Raulch's doctor, a well educated man and an unequaled herbalist. 

Boyar Island

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