The Sea of Tears


The Sea of Tears is an ocean  that stands where the majority of the Elven Empire used to be.

It is the result of a massive tearfall on the city of Vala Barad the capitol of the Elven Empire. 

That day is known as the Day of Sorrows

Day of Sorrows by the Clauii Mierot



The Tear that fell on the city opened a large portal to the elemental plane of water. 

Within seconds of the tear-shard's impact, a geyser of water began flooding the city. While the Shard hit in the warehouse district,  the force of impact caused the Royal tower to collapse instantly . Many of the royal family and all of those who sought refuge within the tower died. Survivors from the city of Vala Barad are those who lived on the outskirts of town or quickly fled from the floodwaters.  ( think the ny flooding scene from the day after tomorrow )


The Sea of Tears

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