The Three Torches

The Three Torches

Location  Dormir City, Dormir

majority allighnment  L/G

Founded in year 10 after the night of tears.   10 AT,  (year 1264  Allani calandar)

Its founders the titular Three Torches are Tilmus, Ferni, and Joule.

"To watch from the mountains peak, the forests reach, and the swallowing deep. We shall be the torches in the night to lead the lost to safe haven. Through the dark days of Dan'lis, and the blight nights of Shy'laia, we will shine bright. For the weary, respite. For the Lost, a beacon, For the Struggling, a hand."   Words enscribed on the wall of the Carved leaf. Guild hall of the Three Torches



These three men rescued and helped to escort  Duke Alteris to Dormir during the rise of The Sea of Tears ( 3 AT.)  Alteris established the three men as officially sponsored protectors of the crown. Thier teartouched abilities were officially sacntioned as a blessing from The Sisters  and not of a corrupting nature.  This distintion along with thier reputation for slaying monsters and helping others has lead most people of Dormir to adore the Three Torches and those who serve under them.  Dormir townsfolk are much more forgiving of magic and the unknown if it is wearing the emblem of the three torches. 


3 A.T.- save Duke Alteris from ramaging cow monster, lead group of survivors to Dormir months ahead of the great flood. 

4 A.T.   Help to rescue a great deal of people feeling floodwaters.

5 A.T. Officially Sanctioned by Duke Alteris

10 A.T. Form a guild and take on 3 apprentices per year.

Year 50 A.T.  5 young recruits begin an adventure. 


The Three Torches

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