Tears of Idris

Adventure log :19
The Balance Part 2




Loot: 60 swords, bows, suites of armor, 

NPCs Met:

One of the gold statues looked like the monodrones, and the other statue looked like the four armed titans. There were also two silver statues that had wings and carvings trees growing up around them. One of the silver statues looked happy and prosperous while the other had carvings of people and creatures that were torturing each other. 

Around the silver statues there was script that said "One will ask you who you are, the other will ask you what you want" It also said to place a silver coin on the hand of the statue. We tried placing some silver coins on each of the silver statues and received visions showing us what magical items we could place on the titan statue and what results that would occur. After testing several options, we decided that the silver statues could not be trusted and we determined for ourselves what magical items to use.

On the titan we placed: the Sorceress' spell book, a crystal rose of create food and water, the large nature crystal, 10 small crystals each of water, earth, and nature, incense for reduced time for Ritual Casting, and hat of identify. 2,500 gold went on the monodrone statue. 

Adventure log :18


Combat: Group of the Aplus Cleansing



NPCs Met: McCloud Greyfinn, commander of a group of Aplus Cleansing

Adventure log :17


Combat: Pack of corrupt wolves



NPCs Met: Halbert, town guard at Edgewood


We went out searching in the morning and found a cave with a pack of monster wolves. One of them was huge and four of them were large. We fought them, but could not get them to die. Donavin cast his channel divinity on the largest one, striking it in one of its magical growths. The tumorous growths were cast away from the wolf's body, and the wolf changed into a Mastiff dog. All of the other wolves changed into Mastiff puppies at the same time. The dog had a collar around her neck that said 6 of 20, and she was apparently the mother of the puppies.

Edmond cast speak with animal and asked the dog how she came to be a wolf. She told him that she had masters that had fed her strange meat that had caused her to change. We put the dog and puppies into the wagon to take back to town.


Adventure log :16
The Six Embers


Combat: Soldiers of The Aplus Cleansing

 XP: 10,333

Loot: Four items from the auctioneer's stock. 1 Pump action air riffle w/10 darts (60/80ft, 1 action reload, silent), 4 pistols w/250 rounds (70/140ft 1d10 dam. 5 shots then 1 action reload), 15 doses sleep powder, 186 arrows, 8 drawer tables, 36 books, 36 knives, 50 sticks of incense, 12 stuffed birds, 4 medical kits, 15 maps, Serenity: 20 pistols fixed on each side w/80 rounds of ammo (20d4 in a 100 ft cone) pulled by 4 draft horses. 5000 platinum, 100 gold, 200 copper, Bonze war hammer inlaid w/electrum worth 750 gold, 20 +2 arrows, bottle of Oil of Etherealness, small sized Belt of Frost Giant Strength (Maggie), +3 Rod of the Pact Keeper

NPCs Met: Jeff, Sargent at the Dormir Police Station; Clive, Lead Detective for the Dormir Police Force; members of a group called The Aplus Cleansing from the country of Aplusia; Smith John, former member of The Aplus Cleansing.

After thoroughly tying up the merchants, we used Slvaris's staff to teleport back to Dormir and turn them over to the police. When we arrived at the police station, we found the auctioneer there telling the police that we had stolen a valuable magical item from him and that he wanted us arrested and the item repossessed. Akmenous then cast Zone of Truth and the falsified story fell to pieces. We accused the auctioneer in turn of sending a group to attack us. A trial was held, and the judge fined the auctioneer and said that four of us could take an item of our choice out of his inventory. The police said that we could not press charges for the actions of the traveling merchants because they were not committed in the town of Dormir. Donavin then went down to the docks and turned the band over to Captain A. Harrigan as sailors for his next voyage. 

We teleported back to the spot we had left that morning, and examined our new war wagon, which we renamed Shillelagh, and all of the loot that it contained. As we got closer to Edmond's property, a sphere Monodrome appeared in the road and told us to move the power towards law and we would be rewarded. After talking to him for a moment, he disappeared. Further down the road three more Monodromes (one cube, two spheres) appeared and told us that the law was in everything and we must chose law. Six more appeared further on (one pyramid, one cube and four spheres) and told us that the 

When we got to Edmond's property, we found a large fortress that was being used to housed a group of soldiers. They called themselves The Aplus Cleansing and were from the country of Aplusia. We had heard of this group before and knew them to be anti magic radicalists who would destroy anything remotely tear touched and would collect all of the crystals they could find to be thrown into a volcano in Aplusia. Donivan got out of Shillelagh and spoke with the guards at the front gate. They told him that they were here hunting dangerous tear touched wolves that were living in the surrounding area. As they spoke a group of hunters came in with a wounded wolf that they had captured and were trying to kill. The creature was clearly tear touched and had bulging, tumorous growths all over it. Donivan cast Disspell Magic on the wolf, the growths receded, the magic that was keeping the wolf alive past its time disappeared, and it died right away. The guards got very angry at the sight of magic use, and the fight was on. 

We beat the guards soundly, leaving only one alive who was so terrified (he had been banished at the beginning of the fight to another plane of existence (a harmless plane; we are not monsters)) that he stripped off his armor to fake his own death and then fled saying that he was changing his name to Smith John so that he could not be found again. Before he left he answered a few questions in exchange for his release. He told us that there were 63 soldiers total at the fortress including the nine we had killed in the fight and that they had been there for four months so far.

Adventure log :15
Thieves in the Night


Combat: The traveling merchants



NPCs Met: 

The 4th day of travel was pretty uneventful. We heard some wolf like howling in the distance, but that was all. When we camped that night however, life definitely got eventful. During third watch an arrow with a bag of powder tied to it was shot into our camp fire. We noticed a figure on the edge of our camp, and Maggie went to investigate. It turned out to be one of the members of the traveling merchants that we had met on the road. As Maggie followed her out away from the camp, the other members of the merchant group came out of hiding and attacked us. After a vigorous battle in which Marion, one of the merchants, died we finally overpowered them. They confessed that they had signed a contract with the auctioneer in Dormir and had been been sent to get the Sorceress' staff from us. 

Adventure log :14
Cheaters Never Prosper


Combat: Rakasha, Ghost of "Master"

 XP: 667

Loot: 400 g, Bones worth 50g, Chime of opening with 8 uses, Potion of Gaseous form

NPCs Met: Group of traveling merchants

  • On our 3rd day of traveling, we met a group of merchants on the road. They had a remarkable wagon that seemed to carry more things than was actually possible. The leader's name was Good and each of his group had something different to sell: stuffed birds, books, medical supplies, and other trinkets. We bought a few things before continuing on our way.
  • We came to the crossroad where the beast man was sitting with his game table. He challenged us to a card draw, saying that if we drew a card higher than his we could pass by, but if his card was higher, he could consume our souls. If we did not want to draw cards, he said, we would try to beat him in combat instead. All of the group drew a card except Maggie, and then the Rakasha, for that was what he was, looked through the deck and, finding the highest card, drew it for himself. He cried out that we had lost, and we cried out that he had cheated. Combat ensued, and we defeated him.
  • That night during third watch, we saw a strange blue light flicker every once in a while around our camp. The alarms that we had set up went off and a moment later the ghostly figure of the sorceress that we had killed in Dormir appeared in our camp near her staff, which Syvaris was now carrying. We attacked her and she disappeared again.
Adventure log :13
Fields and Hay Stacks and Yetis, Oh My!


Combat: Huge Yeti, two large Yeti

 XP: 2,650

Loot: Huge Yeti skin

NPCs Met:

  • Day 2 of traveling towards Edmond's property we were passing fields full of hay stacks. Edmond noticed that one of the stacks appeared to be breathing and rushed into the field to find out what it was. It happened to be a Yeti who started attaching us. We fought, defeated, and skinned it. Later that night we were attacked by two smaller Yetis who we fought and tied up. We interrogated them to see why they were in the surrounding area. The Yeti told us that their territory in the mountains was now too well lit from the beacon of light that had appeared and the Yeti were being hunted night and day. They had moved down from the mountains to find a new home, and were killing and pillaging the countryside to establish their new territory. 
Adventure log :12
Tear Touched


Combat: Gorgons in the field

 XP: Multiclass Level

Loot: One large chrystal that granted us powers.

NPCs Met: 

  • Sold the magic mirrors to an Ainzland fanatic. Found out that the staff we got from the sorceress's house was a teleportation focus that would allow us to teleport between places and planes that we were familiar with.
  • Trial for Ivan's goons: The judge was a Ratkin. After the trial he told us that the Ratkins were outgrowing their space in the town and would like to move to a town of their own.
  • Started traveling towards Edmond's property. While passing by a corn field, we heard strange fighting sounds. Edmond ran in to the field and the rest of us followed. We fought and killed two Gorgons and then saw more Gorgons in the adjacent field drinking from a water hole that had a large chrystal in it. Donavin got the chrystal out of the water and brought it back to the wagon. We gathered around to look at it, and strange changes happened to each of us as we each received new abilities. the stone then disintegrated as if it had infused its power into us.
Adventure log :11
Is Gonna get Eaten by Spiders


Combat: Elf Sorceress, undead, and fire elementals 

 XP: 700

Loot: 250 small crystals of the 8 types. One large crystal of each of the 8 types. 16 soul gems. Bracelet of Empowered Elemental Summoning, 6 bottles of alchemist fire, Sorceress staff

Red: fire, Blue: water, Yellow: storm, Black: necrotic, Orange: earth, White: holy/radiant, Green: nature, Clear: planer/temporal

NPCs Met: 

We drank all of the "fast rest" potions and, leaving Gronxus, Sipplen, and Korzite in the care of Ferni, traveled to the neighborhood where their summoner was residing. When we reached neighborhood, Edmond used beast sight to have an alley cat peer through the windows of the neighborhood houses. None of them contained a woman matching the description that the elementals gave us.

We came to another house with no ground floor windows, and the door had a sign on it saying if we wanted to discuss religion or sell something we could come on in. We opened the door and found a second door behind it that was rigged with a trap door. There were two upper windows that were blocked with curtains. We broke one and Maggie turned invisible and flew in. The upper story was one large room lined with shelves all loaded with crystals. In the center of the room there was a hole that formed a magical circle. Seeing that no one was in the upper room, Maggie flew back out and joined Akmenous who was breaking down the inner door. On the other side of the door there were 6 fire elementals trapped in magic circles and 6 undead humans chained to the walls.

As we entered the room, we heard a sound from above and the undead were freed from their chains. Sylvaris held them off by casting turn undead and then killed them one by one.  Meanwhile two of the fire elementals were released from their circles and and we could see movement and lights coming from the upper room. Maggie flew up through the hole that formed the magic circle and saw the woman that Korzite had drawn a picture of going around the room and stabbing herself with with the largest of the chrystals from the shelves. She had two chrystals stabbed deep into her upper body already, and from each place on the shelves where the chrystals had been a trail of light now lead across the floor, back to the magic circle in the center. Edmond caught sight of her from below and summoned spiders to surround her. She was soon engulfed in spiders and lay unconscious on the floor. We tried to revive her for questioning, but the ritual that she had been performing with the chrystals had already taken her life force.

We gathered up all the chrystals, checked out the hotel across the street, which seemed to be a decoy from her real hideout, and then went back to the Carved Leaf.


Adventure log :10
She who Plays with Fire


Combat: 3 fire Elementals (Gronx, Sipple, and Korz) that were burning the Elf apartments

 XP: 700

Loot: Fire crystals (250g worth), 5 jars of mysterious liquid

NPCs Met: Gronxus, Sipplen, and Korzite

We went from room to room on the main floor of the apartment building, but did not see any source of the gas that was billowing through the halls. We headed up to the second of the three stories and found several rooms that had their doors rigged with traps. Within the rooms was the gas producing contraption consisting of a bowl of fire crystals set beneath an upside down jar of some unknown fluid so that the liquid dripped slowly down onto the crystals and caused a gas emitting reaction when the two came in contact.

We broke through the walls to get into the rooms and disassembled the gas makers. We then headed up to the third floor and found three familiar elementals starting fires in the hallways. Combat ensued and Korz was almost dead when Gronx called a stop to combat and promised that if we spared them, they would stop burning the building and leave. We asked them for information about who was sending them to burn the apartments in town, and they told us that they were sent by a woman they called "Master." 

Sipple drew an image of "Master" in fire and then drew a map of where to finder her. The image was of a middle aged human female with sharp features, short hair, and waring a cowl. She had a spiral tattoo under her right eye. She was holding a scepter, a long wooden rod with a magical sphere at the end. The map showed the northwest area of Dormir a few streets back from the docks.

They told Andrew their true name of Gronxus, Sipplen, and Korzite. Sylvaris recognized these as common names that were used in part of the Elvish lands that are now covered in the Sea of Tears. Donavin had an idea that perhaps these fire elementals were acctually peope who had been corrupted by the crystals, so he cast his Channel Divinity to remove any corruption from Korz, which caused the little flame to turn into a small Elf child with blue flaming hair. Gronx was extremely pleased with this and asked Donavin to do the same to him. Donavin said he would when he was able on the next day. Determined to put a stop to this mad destruction organized by "Master," we took the three tear-touched Elves back to the Carved Leaf for safe keeping and prepared to set out after their maniac summoner. 


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