Tears of Idris

Adventure log :03

Cave Entrance


Combat: #1 fight at the entrance to Ivan's Caverns – archers, thugs, wolves, kobalts, warlords.

 XP: 2,000

Loot: 100g for protecting the caravan. 200g for nondisclosure in regards to the rose bushes and Ivan. 6 "fast rest" potions, 7 rose potions (1d4 1). Conjurers Circlet of the Burglar (attunement): The bearer may cast prestidigitation once per day and gets 1 to slight of hand checks. The Defensive Quiver of the Favored (attunement): Once per day the bearer can make a save roll w/advantage and can move an addition 5ft when making a dodge action.

NPCs met:

Donavin interrogated the prisoners who attacked the town the night before using a zone of truth. One archer said that he would take us to Ivan if we let him take back the money chest from the hotel. We agree and filled the chest with rocks (duh). As we finished talking to the prisoners a passenger coach arrived in town, and Voleur De Larosa got off with a tulip in his button hole and a cup of tea in his hand. De Larosa asked us about our progress with the mission, paid us 100 gold each for successfully protecting the caravan, and asked if we had recovered any of the roses. We showed him the prisoners who had the rose thorn infections. He tapped them each with his cane and the rose growth fell away from their arms along with the daggers. De Larosa collected the daggers, seeming rather distressed that the roses had been used as weapons.

De Larosa then took us aside and told us about the secret abilities of the rose bushes that he had sent to his cousin for her wedding. The main reason that he had sent the rose bushes was because his cousin, and Elf, and her husband, a human, would have difficulty having children, and the rose bushes would provide them with the magical influence needed to conceive. The rose bushes also had other benefits, though, such as combining the petals with water to make a healing potion. In the hands of Ivan, however, the roses had been used to create a disease. De Larosa then became very hushed about the roses and told us to keep this knowledge secret. Maggie mentioned that the last time De Larosa gave us nondisclosure instructions, he also gave us 200 gold. De Larosa seemed amused at this presumption and gave us each the requested money.

We then left town, following the archer that had agreed to take us to Ivan in exchange for the chest from the hotel. After traveling for half a day we came to a cave opening, and the archer told us that this was Ivan's base. Realizing that a soon as we got inside the cave the archer would not be a trustworthy guide, we knocked him out and entered the cave tunnel. Within the cave the tunnel split in three directions. Unsure which direction would take us to Ivan, we went back outside and waited for the archer to wake up so that we could follow him to Ivan. The archer woke up and started into the cave. He noticed us following him right away and began sounding the alarm as he ran into a small room and pulled a lever to drop a barred gate across the cave entrance dividing our group in half. Akmenous, Maggie, and Edmond were now inside the cave with Donavin and Barker without (Maggie, of course, could move in and out between the bars, but mostly was inside). We then were attacked with an onslaught of enemies. The not so helpful archer released a pack of five wolves that had been chained to a wall in the room directly ahead of us, a band of four archers came at us from the room on the left and four thugs charged in from the right. A patrolling archer and two swordsmen that were circling the cave attacked us from behind as well. After a good deal of fighting three Human leaders along with their three Kobalt slaves came at us from the passage on the right as well. Edmond defeated the group of archers, chasing them back into their room in spider form and wrapping them in webbing. Maggie took out the the Kobalts and a few Humans, knocking them out with her poison arrows. Barker mind-controlled the patrolling swordsmen causing them to attack each other. Akmenous and Donavin thrashed the remaining enemies for a thorough, but exhausting, victory.

We then searched the rooms around us for loot and rested for an hour before continuing on through the tunnels. While looting the rooms, Donavin found a large crystal in the room on the right, and Akmenous discovered a blue canary in the same room that seemed to be made of light and flew into his soul to be his now faithful companion.



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