Tears of Idris

Adventure log :01

A Day for the Rats


combats: 0

XP earned: 300

Loot: 100g ea. for completing the mission. 200g ea. from De Larosa for not telling anyone about the crystal.

NPCs met:

Gail (questionable sausage vendor),

Tom Bakerson (Owner of a bakery with a crystal that enhances the quality of the produce for his baked products)  

Rat King (leader of the Rattkin), 

Voleur De Larosa (Half-Elf Insurance Rep for The Brighter Future Society (BFS) AKA Con-Man? Crystal Promoter? Cheese Guy?)

1st assignment for the Three Torches: Get rid of the rat infestation at Tom Bakerson's Bakery. On the way to the bakery we met Gail, who offered us 100 platinum each for information about Tom Bakerson's secret that makes his baked foods so good. At the bakery, Tom directed us to the cellar under his store, where the rats had taken up residence. He seemed in a hurry to get the job done and was rather rude. Upon investigating the cellar, we found rats from small "normal" rat size to a few that were large 18" tall when standing on their hind feet. 

Edmond "animal spoke" to the rats and convinced them to take us to their leader. The rats informed him that we would have to go through the locked back room to get to their king, so we asked Tom for the key. Tom got very nervous and said that he could not give us the key without someone else's permission. He then sent a message to Voleur De Larosa, who came over with a red rose in his button hole and a chunk of cheese in his hand.

De Larose insisted that we sign a non-disclosure contract before we could have the key (basically the contract said that we would get 200g for not telling anyone about anything in the backroom, and if we did talk about it then we would be made to be very sorry). Then De Larosa proceeded to tell us about a large crystal that was being stored in the cellar room, to which Tom owed much of his bakery's success due to the fact that it made his fruits and grains larger, tastier, and able to stay fresh longer. We promised not to tell anyone about the crystal, and Tom reluctantly handed over the key. 

We went back down into the cellar, and Andrew told the rats that we were ready to meet their king. They lead us into the backroom, through a drainage hole in the floor, and we entered the sewers of Domir. Beneath the bakery the sewers were lit with a soft, yellow light. The source of the light was a round crystal held in the arms of a rat the size of a small elephant. This, we learned, was Ratking, the leader of several hundred rats who had discovered the crystal while raiding the baker's storage room. Through prolonged exposure the ordinary rat had become gradually larger and more intelligent, so much so that he now understood and spoke common. He had then moved his hoard of followers into the bakery's cellar and adjacent sewer line to directly benefit from the crystal's influence. Upon further questioning we learned that over a hundred of Ratking's followers had reached the point where they too could speak common and grown to Hafling size. This, of course, qualified them for representation in Domir as a sentient race. We discussed this idea with Ratking and, after pondering the prospects of getting jobs as trash collectors and being able to interact freely with Domir's markets while no longer sneaking and stealing what they wanted, he decided that registering his race as represented citizens of Domir was a good idea. We also pointed out to him that he would now have to abide by the laws of Domir and could not continue stealing from and residing in Tom's cellar. An idea was then formed that he could send in a group of rats each night when the bakery was closed, and, as long as they did not disturb anything in Tom's storage room, they could spend some time gaining the sentient granting benefits of the crystal so that the Rattkin could continue to flourish. 

And so our first mission for the Three Torches was successfully completed.

  • Ratking handed over the chrystal, which we returned to a bird cage looking structure in the storage room, (the fruit plants in the room looked healthier almost instantly and a few strawberries began to ripen).
  • Tom Bakerson was pleased at the sudden lack of rats in his cellar, although somewhat puzzled at the equal lack of dead rats, and paid us 100 gold each.
  • Four Rattkin representatives met us at City Hall where they filled out the registration paperwork in preparation for their new life as bonafide citizens.



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