Tears of Idris

Adventure log :02

A Market, a Marriage, and a Melee


Combat: #1. 1 human leader, 4 human archers and 6 Kobalt bandits on the road to BoydShille, #2. Human leaders and archers, Dragonborn and Kobalts in the Inn/Tavern/Bank at BoydShille

XP: 750

Loot: 20 arrows (cast entangle, target roles DC 10 Dex)

NPCs met:

Hogarti (Human leader of Kobalt bandits, who believes that the Viking Human god, Ivan, has destined the humans to concur and exterminate all Tear Touched creatures)

Ashton Boyd (Human Mayor of BoydShille)

We arrived at BoydShille without further excitement. We turned the bandit captives over to the town sheriff to be held in the stocks until we could take them back to Dormir. The town was very excited to see the supply caravan, took the payroll and locked it in a chest in the tavern, and took the supplies to the market that was just getting started for the day.

We did some shopping at the market and bought some false steel (aluminum). When the town's people noticed Donavin had a religious background, they insisted that he and Akmenoks hold a service for the town. Most of the town attended the service and Donavin even officiated a wedding for James Pump and his blushing bride.

That night, as we slept in the tavern, we were awoken by the sound of more bandits releasing their companions from the stocks and then heading to the tavern to steal the payroll chest. We fought them off and took most of them captive.



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