Tears of Idris

Adventure log :05

The Balance



 XP: 3,750


  • Armory: Barrel of Smoked fish,  30 polls with hooks, 4 agats worth 10 gold ea, 
  • Storage barrels: 18 Salt, 12 Flour, 4 Sugar, 9 wheels of cheese, 1 Lye, 4 Molasses, 3 empty, 110 platinum kugarans, 3 Salmon, 5 nets, 300 ft of Marine rope, machine oil, 4 pulleys, 1 block and tackle, 
  • Barracks: 1 deck playing cards, 30 dirty blankets, 13,000 in silver, 12 wheels of cheese, box of black tea,  box of tea/rose leaf mix, potion of fire breath, 2200 copper (-1300 for rooms at Dormir), 3 crates of citris fruit
  • Atrium: 2 lg rose bushes, 6 pots of rose bush starters.
  • The statue room: Writing on the floor: "Restoration _opens the path _ a gift of   power to fix, a  tithe _of gold _to _empower."
  • Ivan's Room: 2 lg illusion mirrors w/gold and bone framewith an engraving that said manufactured in the castle of Ainzland (worth 6,000 – 60,000 gold each (48,000)), necklace of golden pearls (800 g), 6 bars silver (empirical), 7000 copper in chest, 30 mirrors (20-200 g ea), crystal rose (300 g), 2 +1 shields w/ Elven carvings (1 Logan & 1 statues), clothes (500g). Elven princess who we gave 3 wishes to. She wished everything had not happened and wished herself back home.

NPCs Met: Conayan Foucault a goblin artificer who was making gold statues for Ivan.

We explored Ivan's hide away and found a "throne room" with a map of Awn'laia carved into the floor as two circles side by side. Above this was a bed room with mirrors of various sizes lining the walls, a hole in the floor and ceiling matching the the map on the room below, and several slave girls. We also discovered a room below where two statues had been removed from their stands and had been replaced with two statues of Ivan, one of them was gold and the other was half gold. We removed the Ivan statues and put the original statues (a Titan and a Monodrone) back in place. Beneath the statues there was writing on the floor that said "Restoration opens the path, a gift of power to fix, a tithe of gold to empower." After reading this (with some help from Conayan the goblin) we experimented with the statues. While we were working on this, Donivan had a vision of the god of magic who told him to use knowledge of the Balance if we wanted to restore the statue's power.

Eventually we used the light stone crystal from upstairs on one statue and the gold broken from the Ivan statues on the other. As soon as the Titan and Monodrone had consumed both, a hole opened in the floor with an elevator. Donavin and Maggie (with Edmond as a spider on Donavin's sholder)went down to explore and found a small globe on the floor with the world of Awn'laia represented on it. It appeared to have fallen off of the table it was next to. On the table were two statues, one on either end: a Titan and a Monodrone.  The globe looked as if it would fit in one of the five slots on the table. Remembering his vision about the Balance, Donavin placed the globe in the centermost slot, and a beacon of light shot out from it to the two table statues, from them to the large statues upstairs, from them through the ceiling where the maps of the world were, and then out through the top of the cave. 

The room was now glowing with a magic light. Maggie, Donavin, and Edmond turned in surprise to see the eyes of a sleeping crystal dragon opening in the gloom. The dragon did not move and seemed to be very week. Maggie walked slowly forward and pressed her last Goodberry into the dragon's mouth. The dragon ate the berry and then got up and went to the side of the room where three eggs were begining to hatch in the magical light. After a moment's time, three baby dragons had hatched, one ruby, one saphire, and one emerald. The large dragon turned into a man and told us how pleased he was that the magic aura had returned to this place and that dragons needed magic in order to servive. He declared that he would now live hear at this port and take care of it with his children. He then took the baby dragons up to Ivan's rooms and cast wards so that no one could go in or out of there. We didn't feel like arguing with a dragon that otherwise seemed to be fairly nice. So we let him take charge of the port.



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