Tears of Idris

Adventure log :06

The Last Draw



 XP: 2,000

Loot: +1 Scimitar, 1000 g ea., crystal rose w/ create food & water once a day. 

NPCs Met: Sara, member of human first group

Edmond sent animal messengers to DeLarosa telling him that we found the roses, and The Three Torches in Dormir telling them that we found a hidden port with the bandit's prisoners that needed help and the bandit's themselves that needed brought back for trial. 

While we were waiting for responses, a row boat returned from the ship that had just left the harbor with Sara and four of her goons in it. She wanted to take Ivan's human followers, but we told her that we were going to take them back to Dormir to stand trial for there crimes. She said that as long as the trial was fair to humans we could do that because she did not agree with how Ivan was handling his pro-human actions.

Ferni Ignous, one of the founders of The Three Torches, arrived on the ship from Dormir. He looked around the port and seemed very sceptical about the beacon. However, after talking with Blithen he accepted all of it without question.

Before loading up the ship and leaving, Maggie and Akmenous drew cards from the Deck of Many Things. Maggie drew 3 cards got higher HP, higher Dex, and had to fight a shadow version of herself. After she defeated it, she then had a +1 Fire Longbow. Akmenous drew the remaining five cards from the deck and got higher HP, higher Dex, an egg to hatch, also had to fight a shadow version of himself for a +1 Fire Sword, and was able to receive that answer to his question of choice. 

When the last card of the deck was drawn and had taken affect, a jinni came out of the deck box and declared that he would destroy us all for keeping him captive. We, of course, fought and defeated him.



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