Tears of Idris

Adventure log :07

On the Captain's High (Idio) Seas


Combat: Violet Tide Shriekers, Violet Tide Gas Spores. 

 XP: 500


NPCs Met: Captain A. Harrigan, captain of The Scimitar, Rer, first mate on The Scimitar 

We set out towards Dormir in the ship The Scimitar. The captain, a complete idiot, navigated us out to sea to gain more speed as we circled through the islands. We immediately ran into a mass of purple bubbles floating on the ocean surface. The ship's first mate, a rather intelligent man, explained to us that we were seeing gas spores called the Violet Tide and that these spores, when touched, would explode, causing damage that would quickly destroy the ship. Interspersed amount the round bubbles there were several large almond shaped fungi with tendrils. These creatures, Shriekers Rer told us, would attach to the ship, slowing our speed.

We quickly rushed to the front of the ship and fought off the bulbous fungi using arrows and called lightening to target those that were close enough to come in contact with the ship. Akmenous used his axe on the Shriekers that got past us and attached to the ship. 20 minutes after we fought off the first batch of Violet Tide we met another bunch that we fought through in the same fashion.

After fighting off the second group of Violet Tide we saw three boats full of Kuo-tua charging towards us to attack and plunder our ship. As these fish-like pirates drew nearer we got a better look at their unique boats, which were created using a giant sea shells and had a coral ladder on them for boarding ships. The three boats surrounded our ship and prepared to board. At this point Ferni came on deck from below and ordered us to keep the Kuo-tua confined to their boats. He then performed a ritual that targeted each of the three boats with a fire tornado that destroyed them and the pirates they were carrying.





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