Tears of Idris

Adventure log :08

Fire, Sale


Combat: 3 fire Elementals (Gronx, Sipple, and Korz) that were burning the Ratkin apartments

 XP: 500 

Loot: 5000g for mirrors, 800 crystal rose, 650 fancy clothes, 2000 Conjurers Circlet

NPCs Met: Malcoulmus Voisin, innkeeper of the Muddy Leprechaun 

We arrived at the docks in Dormir and unloaded the ship of its prisoners and treasures. The head nurse at the Angel of Healing hospital came down to the docks and healed the former slaves of their mind damage. We took these Kobalts, Dragonborn and humans to an inn. We paid Malcoulmus Voisin, the innkeeper of the Muddy Leprechaun, for the first night of food and board for them and then a city official arrived and paid for them to stay for the next week. He informed us that the trial for Ivan's bandits was set for the next week and that the prisoners were to stay as witnesses.

While we waited for the trial to take place we learned that an auction was being held in Dormir in a few days, so we submitted several of our items to sell and signed up to attend. Meanwhile, Edmond unknowingly bought a stolen horse and used it to returned to BoydShille to retrieve his items that he had left there. Donavin, Akmenous, and Maggie fought off a group of arsonist and rescued the Ratkin whose home they were burning. 

We then attended the auction, sold some of our items from Ivan's hide away, and bought a few new items for ourselves.



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