Tears of Idris

Adventure log :09

A New Recruit


Combat: Thugs out side burning Elf apartments



NPCs Met:

At the Carved Leaf we met an Elf named Sylvaris, who joined our group. While we were eating dinner we heard the now familiar sound of the town warning bells ringing. We rushed outside and saw smoke rising from an Elf apartment building. Around the outside of the building was a crowd of onlookers, some of them looked like innocent by standers and some looked suspiciously like hired thugs. As we made our way through the crowd towards the building, Sylvaris and Akmenous were pick pocketed by a group of kids. Sylvaris turned just in time to catch hold of the boy who was carrying away her money bag.

She froze him in place with a spell and took back her money. Akmenous ran after the boy with his bag and took it back. As all this was going on we noticed that some of the bystanders around the building were passing out, and the thugs were dragging them away to nearby benches. Upon further investigation, Sylvaris noticed that the people who were passed out had stab wounds.

Maggie flew forward to open the gates to the apartments front gardens, not noticing that two of the thugs reached out to try to stop her as she passed by. The thugs then turned to the rest of the group and told them to leave. Donavin called up angelic beings that beat them off and they ran away. We broke down the locked the gates, entered the building, and immediately felt the effects of a toxic gas which was clouding the halls of the apartment building and making us slowed and sluggish.




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